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By David Lewman, Max Davison, Raul the Third, Hilary Barta


The secret formula is just PART of what makes a Krabby Patty delicious—there is also…THE METHOD, SpongeBob’s crucial food prep procedure…and Squidward MUST LEARN IT! But can he bear to study at the (cute) feet of a spongy sensei who drives him bonkers? Find out in “Method Madness”! Then in “Can’t Get Much Commoner,” King Neptune decides, perhaps unwisely, to learn about the simple pleasures of mortals by spending a day with two mortal simpletons—SpongeBob and Patrick. Also: Patrick decides to live the rest of his life in a kelp maze, and Mr. Krabs wants to win a place in the Underwater Book of Records. All this plus ocean facts by Maris Wicks and “SpongeFunnies” by James Kochalka!

By John Trabbic, Brian Smith


Freak circumstances conspire to make SpongeBob’s buck teeth grow out-of-control—threatening to demolish, or at least radically redesign, the Krusty Krab as we know it! Can SpongeBob’s friends avoid dental disaster and knock his choppers down to size? Find out in “Healthy Teeth” by hot SpongeBob storyboard artist John Trabbic! Plus, delightful detail-meister Brian Smith (Tree Friends) brings you “Mini-Golf Madness”–five spreads of spectacular bird’s eye panel panoramas detailing Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob’s journey through the ocean’s finest mini-golf course! Plus: “SpongeFunnies” by James Kochalka, ocean facts from Maris Wicks, and more!

By Jay Lender, David DeGrand, Gregg Schigiel, Gregg Benton


“UNTIDALED” Part 2 of 2! SpongeBob and friends discover where all the ocean water has gone, and it’s a really big pickle jar with a VERY tight lid…openable only by a GIGANTIC FISH-EATING KRAKEN (formerly a DJ). Can the Bikini Bottom rescue squad free the sea? Also in this issue: SpongeBob can’t go to work due to a severe case of crying face! Mr. Krabs’s hand-crafted new piggy bank gets totaled in the fryer! Plus: “SpongeFunnies” by James Kochalka and ocean facts from Maris Wicks!

By Jay Lender, Sam Henderson, Gregg Schigiel, Stephanie Yue


“UNTIDALED” Part 1 of 2! All the water in Bikini Bottom is being sucked away to parts unknown, and SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy must help its denizens survive the onslaught of air—and then set out across the muddy flats to bring the ocean back! Finally, a sort of reverse, right-side-up “Poseidon Adventure” with talking animals! Plus: see SpongeBob work out on the beach, observe model-boat building with Mrs. Puff, and read more “SpongeFunnies” by James Kochalka!

By James Kolchalka, Jay Lender


SPECIAL SPONGEFUNNIES ISSUE! James Kochalka’s off-model, chibi-like short SpongeBob strips have entertained readers since SpongeBob Comics #1—now “SpongeFunnies” are busting out into a full-length ultra-cute epic story—“Skate the Cake!” If you like SpongeBob, Squidward, skateboards, cakes, volcanoes, underwater deserts, and famous movie star Duke McGill, then you are cool. AND you will love this issue! Also inside: Sandy’s chore day goes awry; a pirate club recruits SpongeBob; and Patrick bounces stuff off his belly! All this plus “Ocean Facts” from Maris Wicks!

By David Lewman, Graham Annable, Corey Barba, Scott Roberts, Bill Alger, Maris Wicks, Jacob Chabot


It’s our Finny Friendship Issue—celebrating aquatic affinity among the denizens of Bikini Bottom! See SpongeBob dare the dangers of dry land to save his (debatable) friendship with Squidward! Witness SpongeBob and Patrick fall out over a dumb TV cartoon program! Observe SpongeBob’s invisible imaginary friend—or at least read a good description of him! Plus: Squidward befriends a flower in “SpongeFunnies”; and science cartoonist Maris Wicks tells us about real world fish “friends”—sharks and remoras!

By Derek Drymon, Jacob Chabot, Eric Powell


Mavens of the maritime macabre, TAKE NOTE! In this issue, a terrible pirate curse brings SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs face to carapace with an unsavory undead pirate crew! But help is on its way in the form of the ocean’s toughest occult detective—Mama Krabs!? Watch her work her magic in “The Curse of the S.S. Unpleasant”. Also in this issue: Patrick versus Plankton (with art by Hilary Barta), legends of seaside ghosts (with art by Vanessa Davis), and spooky “SpongeFunnies” (with art by James Kochalka!).

By Graham Annable, Greg Shigiel


On a bubble-blowing break at work, SpongeBob accidentally invents the Bubble Burger–and it becomes a craze that sweeps the ocean floor! As demand rises, Mr. Krabs pushes SpongeBob to blow more and more Bubble Burgers–regardless of the pulmonary price! There is no way this could backfire, right? Also in this issue, SpongeBob on a slow bus! Plankton versus Patrick's ant farm! Plus: Ocean facts from Maris Wicks and “SpongeFunnies” by James Kochalka.

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