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By Ian Boothby,  James Lloyd, Andrew Pepoy, Robert Stanley


When Bender accidentally causes the Professor’s “What If” machine to explode, the city of New New York is divided into multiple “What If” scenarios. Only Bender and Fry are unaffected and must gather the parts needed to repair the machine to return things to normal. They enlist the help of a Zoidberg who is from a world where he is incredibly lucky, a Leela who never left the mutant underground and is painfully shy, and a Professor who just happens to be a kangaroo.

By Eric Rogers, James Lloyd


If you thought computer viruses were bad, just wait until Planet Express’ morally bankrupt bending unit starts spreading a social disease of his own around New New York City, causing a calamitous epidemic of robot zombies!

By Eric Rogers, James Lloyd, Andrew Pepoy


After Leela saves Zapp Brannigan and his barely-covered backside from the gravitational pull of a black hole, she is made captain of the Nimbus, leaving Zapp to fill another void as the new pilot at Planet Express.

By  Jimmy Palmiotti, John Delaney, Andrew Pepoy


From the imagination of fan favorite and Futurama follower Jimmy Palmiotti comes a tale that brings Fry back to basics as a pizza delivery guy. In this case, however, the Planet Express crew is making a special delivery from a planet that oozes sauce to a Brooklyn pizzeria. But hold on to your cannoli, the mob wants a piece of the action and (BADA-BING!), the Planet Express crew discovers there’s a little special ingredient in their shipment that they never expected!

By Jesse Leon McCann, James Lloyd


Professor Farnsworth sells his soul to the Robot Devil in order to be young again, foregoing any and all future scientific discoveries. But when the Planet Express crew becomes responsible for a potentially world-ending calamity, the “old” professor and his scientific genius are needed more than ever! Can the professor break his contract with the Robot Devil and save all of humanity? “Good news, everyone! We’re all going to die!”

By Eric Rogers, James Lloyd, Andrew Pepoy 


After too many years of running MomCorp without a soul, it’s finally Mom’s heart that is beginning to fail. But what is a multi-millionaire magnate supposed to do when her cryogenically frozen, designated organ donor is defrosted and delivering packages across the galaxy as part of the Planet Express crew?

The final episode of Futurama, entitled "Meanwhile," airs tonight, September 4th, on Comedy Central at 10:00pm.


The episode will be preceded and followed by Futurama Live!, a pair of live-streamed video chats featuring creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, cast members Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr and Lauren Tom, writer Patric M. Verrone and animator Pete Avanzino.


The pre-show kicks off at 9:30/8:30c and the post-show starts at 10:30/9:30c. Both installments of Futurama Live! will be moderated by Chris Hardwick and will stream on the Futurama site and the Nerdist YouTube Channel.

Good news, everyone! There's a new episode of Futurama tonight, August 28th, on Comedy Central at 10:00pm.


Dr. Zoidberg meets the love of his life while Bender squares off in a deadly tap dancing competition in "Stench and Stenchibility."

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