Seven Questions (more or less)

Seven Questions (more or less)

Posted on 04-05-2011

Who are you and what do you do/what have you done with Bongo?

I was born Anthony G. Rodriguez Jr. , but most of you would know me as Tone Rodriguez. I'm a professional "GOOF OFF," but I manage to keep the lights on by drawing Radioactive Man stories and other special projects at Bongo. I've penciled stories for Simpsons Super Spectacular, the annual spooktacular that is The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror, and last year I pitched and drew The Best Radioactive Man Event Ever! Recently I contributed another tome for T.H.O.H. written by Lemmy of the rock band Motorhead called "Homer Goes to HELL," and a parody story for S.S.S. titled "SPLOTCHMEN."


Who is your favorite Bongo character in general?  

WOW, that's tough...Ummmm I guess maybe my favorite main character would be Bart, and one of my favorite characters ever would be Fat Tony, I love his delivery, how he talks. He's awesome.


Ok, now who is your favorite Bongo character to draw?

My favorite to draw would have to be Radioactive Man. He's my guy!!!


And what character, if any, always poses a problem for you?

The tough one to draw might be Moe...he's one of my favorite characters, so maybe that's why he's harder to draw. I figure I want him to always be just right, so yeah there ya go.


What inspires you in your Bongo endeavors?

Honestly, the people there are the best. I've worked for a lot of great folks, but by far and away the best bunch of professionals can be found at the Bongo offices. And that's not bull, and sorry if that sounds like I'm working an angle. But if they stopped sending me work tomorrow, it wouldn't change my opinion of them (please don't stop sending me work!)


If you ended up in Springfield on vacation, what would you want to visit?

I would swing by MOE'S every day, just to see if the shop next door changes. I would like to visit Bart's tree house, just to say that I did! And I would have to set up a signing at the Android’s Dungeon. I'm sure Comic Book Guy would be impressed.


What’s your favorite comic book sound effect?

I’m a traditionalist, so POW would rank really high. But a close second would have to be SNIKT. Hmmm now I'm not so sure... Ask me again at the end of this and I’ll make up my mind.


Do you have a favorite Bongo story?

My favorite would have to be the next one I get to work on. And then the next one after that, and so on and on.


What would you most like Marge to cook for your dinner tonight?

This question’s easy, it would have to be Homer’s favorite...Pork Chops, covered in apple sauce (add Homer's sound FX for him drooling here, thanks!)


Ok, see ya all later! Oh I think I changed my mind on my favorite sound effect... but it might not even be a sound effect, but I'm going with it anyways. Here ya go... D'oh!!!