Sergio Aragonés Funnies #1 Debuts

Sergio Aragonés Funnies #1 Debuts

Posted on 07-18-2011


Matt Groening, creator of “The Simpsons” and “Futurama” proudly presents an all-new monthly series by the world’s most famous and most honored cartoonist, Sergio Aragonés (MAD Magazine, Groo the Wanderer). Each issue offers an assortment of autobiographical anecdotes, perplexing puzzles, slap-happy short stories, as well as Sergio’s uniquely hilarious pantomime gags. With this new series, the world’s most beloved cartoonist continues to prove that humor is truly a universal language.


Mr Aragonés became a regular featured artist and writer in Bart Simpson comics beginning with issue #50. His ongoing strip “Maggie’s Crib” appears every month, and he has contributed to various Bongo titles over the past two years. Now, Sergio Aragonés will provide the entire contents of his own monthly title, featuring the pantomime gags he is most known for along with autobiographical stories based on a lifetime of adventures, including his first paying job as a artist at the age of nine and his on set college antics as an extra in the film production of Daniel Boone.  Sergio has traveled all over the world and has met many historical figures, all of which will provide issue upon issue of warmly told, incredibly funny tales. Every issue includes mind-boggling puzzles and games concocted by the one of the most detail-oriented artists in the history of comics.


Sergio Aragonés Funnies #1 will be released on July 20 in direct market comic book stores and at newsstands on August 9th. Sergio Aragonés Funnies is a monthly comic book aimed at readers of all ages.


“Sergio is the master of fast and funny,” says Matt Groening, Bongo Comics founder and publisher, “and it’s an honor to work with him.”


Sergio Aragonés Funnies #1 is available at the Bongo booth (#2519) and at Sergio Aragonés’ booth (I-07) at Comic-Con!