Seven Questions (more or less)

Seven Questions (more or less)

Posted on 09-07-2010

Who are you and what do you do/what have you done with Bongo?

I haven't done anything with Bongo, and anyone who says I took it is lying! I'm innocent! And if you don't know who I am after inking tons of Simpsons and Futurama comics (not to mention inking and even pencilling Heroes Anonymous) over the last 10 years, winning an Eisner (Treehouse #14) along the way for it, I'm going to walk out in a huff. And two huffs make a hole. And maybe if you look in that hole you'll find what someone (not me!) did with Bongo.


Who is your favorite Bongo character in general?

Nathan Kane. Or is it Bill Morrison? I dunno. They're all characters.


Ok, now who is your favorite Bongo character to ink?

Jason Ho, who's also a character, but we agreed never to talk about what happened when we hit the bottle. Bottle of ink that is. I'm assuming he eventually got it all to wash off.


And what character, if any, always poses a problem for you?

Terry Delegeane. He knows why. (I'm keeping an eye on you, Terry!)


What inspires you in your Bongo endeavours?

My mortgage and feeding my unhealthy collecting fever for all things Markie Post.


If you ended up in Springfield or New New York on vacation, what would you want to visit?

The grocery store that Marge and Maggie are at in the opening of every episode. I'd bring along a baby, get 'em to scan and bag it, and then sue the store for trauma to my (well, not mine but one I "borrowed" from a nearby park when no one was looking) baby. I'd make a mint! And then I wouldn't need to ink as much for Bongo.


What’s your favorite comic book sound effect?

Lickety-Wop! A mental Duff Beer to the first person over twenty-one who knows where that came from!


Do you have a favorite Bongo story?

Well, there was that story I mentioned about me and Jason Ho and the ink bottle, but I can't tell that in mixed company. Or separated company. Not really in any company. So I guess I'll have to settle for "Uncle Burn$" (Simpsons Comics #102), which I inked. It was a parody of the Carl Barks Duck comics.


What would you most like Marge or Bender to cook for your dinner tonight?

Either a really good filet mignon or Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage plus potatoes lyonnaise and sticky buns. Bender! Keep away from Marge with that molasses! That's not what I meant.