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By Ha/Cannon, Wiedlin/Hodges, Woodring


Prepare for a trilogy of Halloween treats in this year’s terrifying “Treehouse.” First, punk rock pixie and Go-Gos founding member Jane Wieldlin (Lady Robotika) leads Marge down the path of the walking dead; then, Zander Cannon and Gene Ha (Top Ten) offer up a remake, “Simpson”-style, of the classic horror flick “Nosferatu;” and finally, indie artist Jim Woodring (Jim) helps Bart uncover the truth behind the biggest mystery in the history of horror comics.


By Aragonés, Dorkin, Seidman, Yambar, Dyer, Lloyd, Matsumoto


Now monthly! Bart, Milhouse, and Martin pull their resources together to buy a brand-new model kit that brings them together in more ways than one. Then, Principal Skinner and Bart enter into a war of words…sprayed on school property. In another tale, when Bart is assigned the task of interviewing a notable local resident, he chooses Hans Moleman. Also, “Maggie’s Crib.”

By Boothby, DiGerolamo, Ortiz, Ho, DeCarlo, Rankine


Marge and Homer turn one of her homemade cleaning concoctions into the newest informercial product sensation, wiping away all the other competition, but their commercial success soon leaves their marriage in a mess. In the meantime, Bart grows a conscience…named Ralph Wiggum. Also, Angry Dad changes a tire.

By Aragonés, Bates, Peyer, Delaney, Matsumoto


Now monthly! Using his influence with government officials, Mr. Burns repeals the child labor laws in Springfield and finds he has a whole new workforce to exploit. Then, Grampa and Bart bond over a junky jalopy that they find at the police auction. Also, “Maggie’s Crib.”

By Dixon and Costanza


Marge convinces Ned Flanders to go on singles cruise in hopes that he will find a love match. However, when the Simpsons receive word that the ship was lost at sea with no presumed survivors, they must protect Rod and Todd from some suspicious relatives who come to claim them.

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