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Bongo Comics joins with other comic publishers and the finest retailers throughout North America and around the world to participate in Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 7. 


Take the plunge into a treasure trove of Bongo Comics with our brand-new, exclusive, one day, one-shot collection of stories featuring Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten’s efforts to play a new video game (courtesy of Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer); Ralph Wiggum’s unpredictable run-in with the school bullies (by Jesse Leon McCann, James Lloyd, and Andrew Pepoy); and a Springfield Elementary field trip to the circus  (as chronicled by Sergio Aragonés).


Several of Bongo’s artists and writers will be appearing around the country on Saturday, including: Bill Morrison and Jesse McCann (signing at Comics Unlimited in Westminster, CA from 11 AM to 1 PM), Andrew Pepoy (signing at Third Coast Comics in Chicago, IL from 1-3 PM), Phil Ortiz (signing at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA from 12-4 PM), and Evan Dorkin (signing at Comic Book Jones in Staten Island, NY).


To find a comic retailer participating in this year’s event, check out the Free Comic Book Day locator site


Just a stone's throw away from the humble offices of Bongo Comics Group lies the shiny citadel of the convention center in sunny San Diego. Team Bongo will be on hand proudly displaying our wares, everything from comics to calendars to Comic–Con exclusives, from Preview Night on Wednesday July 21st to Sunday July 25th. Visit the Bongo Comics booth, located at #2519 on the Comic-Con international floor (just inside Hall C).

Other than meeting the whole Bongo staff, you’ll brush shoulders with writers, artists, editor-types, people who color in the lines real good, and extra neat letterers who can create HUGE sound effects with a brush of their Wacom tablet styluses. Meet Bongo’s special convention guest, writer supreme Ian Boothby, the one man writing team behind the best in Simpsons and Futurama Comics.  Buy the newest issues, fill in your collection and leave with a tchotchke in your hand and a smile on your face.  




On Thursday, come to the Bongo Comics Sneak Peak (Room 3, 12:30-1:30 PM). Bongo Comics offers a mouth-watering preview of upcoming projects featuring "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" and a few other surprises.  Managing Editor Terry Delegeane and Creative Director Bill Morrison will host a panel featuring the writers and artists who create the comics and books based on Matt Groening’s phenomenal TV shows. Find out what’s in the future for Futurama Comics and what to surmise about Simpsons Comics. And stay tuned for an announcement about the newest addition to the wonderful world of humor comics. This is a ”must-attend” panel for all fans of "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" and anyone looking for a place to sit down!




Bongo Comic Group's own Bill Morrison hosts the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards for the fifth time, and as always, he will be ably assisted by his lovely wife, Kayre Morrison. But this year, he's brought along some "Futurama" friends for the festivities. Maurice LaMarche (also of "Pinky and the Brain") will serve as co-host of the evening, and Phil Lamarr (Hermes Conrad of "Futurama") will be a presenter. The fun begins at 8:30 PM on Friday night (7/23) at the Indigo Ballroom of the San Diego Hilton Bayfront.




Then on Saturday, it’s "Futurama/Simpsons" Day! Join the cast and crew in celebrating "Futurama"'s triumphant re-return to the airwaves!  World-premiere footage will offer an exciting and informative glimpse of Comic-Con in the year 3010.  Panelists include Executive Producers Matt Groening and David X. Cohen; cast members Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, and Maurice LaMarche; director Crystal Chesney-Thompson; writers Ken Keeler and Patric M. Verrone; and Animation Producer Claudia Katz. (Room 20, 12:45-1:30 PM)


You can choose to follow the "Futurama" cast to the Fox Home Entertainment booth (#4313) for a signing from 1:45-2:45 PM…OR…you can stay right where you are for "The Simpsons" panel!  Get an insight into the daily doings of this series from Creator Matt Groening, Showrunner Al Jean, Executive Producer Matt Selman and Supervising Director Mike B. Anderson. (Room 20 1:30-2:15 PM)


If you still haven’t had your share of super Simpsons fandom, pull up stakes and meet the mastermind behind "The Simpsons," Matt Groening, when he signs at the Fox Home Entertainment booth (#4313) from 2:30-3:30 PM. 




Stop by the Bongo Comics Group booth (#2519) while at the Comic-Con and meet the staff. And if you’d like to play a little show and tell, we’d love to see and take a snapshot of any “Simpsons” or “Futurama” tattoos you might proudly display about your person. Who knows? Your body art might be a part of Bongo’s new website…with your permission of course.