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By Templeton and Pepoy


Mr. Burns lays off the entire work force at the nuclear power plant, shuttering every local business, and steering the town into financial ruin. With no jobs available, the Simpsons and the other Springfieldians do what any economically depressed and unemployed person would do, they cross illegally into Canada to make their fortune.

By Groening


It’s a classic holiday classics issue! Lisa is protesting the annual Thanksgiving turkey-cide, Bart is taking in a holiday sale at the Try ‘N’ Save, Homer is trying to save Mr. Burns from genetically engineered turkeys, and Marge (thanks to Homer) has nothing to serve her guests. Then, every kid in Springfield wants one of the hottest toys to hit the marketplace in years this Christmas…the new Itchy & Scratchy interactive playsets. However, one man stands in their way. One sarcastic, sandal-wearing, Internet browsing, mylar-sealing, “Star Trek” watching, fast food dripping, comic shop owner who has cornered the market. Brace yourself for the “Worst Christmas Ever!” Plus, Cletus goes to college. (Collects Simpsons Comics 51 & 52)