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By Rogers and Rodriguez


Fry’s skill at obsolete 20th century board games leads to a galaxy-crossing grudge match between the Planet Express crew and an alien culture built entirely on the rules of the games. However, the aliens like their competitions to be less Hungry Hungry Hippos and more Hunger Games! “Do not  pass ‘Go.’ Do not collect $200.” Fry, Bender and Leela are about to play the game of Life…and death!

By Boothby, Lloyd, Davis


Professor Farnsworth sends the Planet Express crew to Neptune to shut down Robot Santa’s naughty-or-nice tracking system, which is spreading embarrassing personal information about everyone across the Internet. However, an overload of so much secret information may very well destroy Earth unless Robot Santa can bring a little peace on Earth and goodwill to all men.

By Boothby, Rodriguez, Pepoy


The Planet Express crew makes a delivery to the robot pleasure planet of Shangri-linux, where the atmosphere is lethal to humans, and so Professor Farnsworth simply transfers  both Fry and Leela’s consciousness into robots that share their likeness. But everything starts to go awry when Bender realizes the unsuspecting and vacationing robots are being mindwiped and turned into slaves. Is it time for Bender to grow a conscience? Don’t bet on it.

Mark your calendars! Here are the dates on which you can find the following issues in comic book stores. Newsstand editions are generally available about 3 weeks later.


Futurama #63 — October 3rd

SpongeBob Comics #13 — October 10th

Simpsons Comics #195 — October 17th

Bart Simpson #76 — October 24th

Maggie #1 — October 24th

Simpsons Illustrated #4 — October 31st

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