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Normally at this point, the image would have been turned over to one of our talented inkers, but Nathan had something special in mind to further differentiate this special pin-up: full digital paints over my pencils, evoking the traditions of fantasy art. Originally Nathan was going to tackle this himself, but the way scheduling worked out, he had his hands full creating the OTHER surprise included in Milhouse #1 (you'll have to buy the issue if you want to see it!)


A barbarian Milhouse with no one to paint him, what to do? Enter: Serban Cristescu, head of Special Projects. But that, my dear Bongoheads, is a tale for another day! For a look at the finished pin-up, pick up a copy of Milhouse #1 at your local comic book store on May 2nd. And tune in next week for another behind-the-scenes look, this time at Serban's lush digital painting process!


Bongo’s hard at work gearing up for the May release of our next One-Shot Wonder, Bart Simpson’s Pal, Milhouse #1, and we thought we’d share a little in-progress artwork to whet your appetite.  Here’s a bite-sized portion of the image that will eventually grace our back cover.  It comes to us courtesy of in-house art phenom Jason Ho (can you believe he’s only 13 years old?)  


Right now, it’s in super rough format, but after Jason finishes the penciling phase, the artwork will go straight to Nathan Kane, who’ll complete the painting in all its digital splendor. It’s going to be Milhouse as you’ve never seen him before!


We’ll post more images as the artwork progresses.  In the meantime, enjoy this glimpse into the Bongo creative process!