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(originally published in Simpsons Comics #198)


Hey there, keepers of the Bongo flame! Welcome to the first Bongo Beat of 2013. I guess those Mayans were wrong and the world didn’t end in 2012 after all. Of course, it’s still December 2012 as I write this and you may be reading it as you traverse a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with mutants, hell hounds, zombies, and even zombie mutant hell hounds. If that’s the case, find an abandoned car and hunker down for the night while I fill you in on all that Bongo has in store for you this year!


2013 is special because it marks Bongo’s twentieth year as a comic publisher. Even a professional prognosticator couldn’t foresee the ragtag company that produced Simpsons Comics and Stories way back in 1993 blossoming into the jaunty juggernaut it is today. We’re taking advantage of this milestone to bring you some new and exciting books while still delivering all the Simpsons and Futurama madness you crave!


In fact, Simpsons Comics #200 hits stores in March. Twenty years in the making, this comic celebration of television’s favorite family features a wraparound cover by one of Bongo’s founding fathers, bombastic Bill Morrison. All kinds of Bongo contributors both old and new will be plying their trade in this fantastic 48-page funfest. Who knows…Matt Groening may even make an appearance! Don’t miss it!


We’re proud to be the publisher for Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto comic. Sprung from the mind of Coldplay and Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda, MORE, The Little Prince), Mylo Xyloto is a 6-issue mini-series based on Coldplay’s concept album of the same name. The adventure begins this February!


Sergio Aragonés Funnies returns! After a brief hiatus, our favorite MADman picks up right where he left off. Issue 8 will be available later in the year, and subsequent issues will follow on a bi-monthly basis. Get ready for more heartfelt stories, gut-busting jokes, and eye-popping artwork delivered as only Señor Sergio can!


The Bongo digital department continues to thrive with new and classic comics being released every week on the Simpsons App and at comiXology. Plus, our blog and facebook pages are delivering more behind-the-scenes factoids and fun than ever before. Check them out! 


Bongo’s come a long way since we had our mini spit and polish a mere 12 months ago. Since then, we’ve published a whopping 45 comics along with a plethora of calendars, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, and international editions. Phew! 2012 was Bongo’s most prolific year to date! Of course, you’ve all helped by sending letters, suggestions, critiques, and artwork submissions. Keep ’em coming! Creating comics can be a little like working in a vacuum, so we love to hear from the Bongo faithful.


There’s so much more to talk about, but…argh!...I’m running out of room! Let me just throw these out there... One-Shot Wonders! Free Comic Book Day! SpongeBob Comics! Bongo Bonus Stamp Loyalty Program! Contests! Surprises! The mind boggles!


As you can see, Bongo’s 20th year is going to be a banner one. Let’s hope it embiggens us all!


As long as the zombies don’t get us.

Now available! Celebrate the fact that the world (hopefully) doesn't end in 2012 by picking up some of these nifty 2013 calendars from your friends here at Bongo! 

As an added bonus, all these calendars will work in the year 2019 as well. What a bargain!

Take your pick from:


The Simpsons 2013 Fun Calendar

The Simpsons take you on a whirlwind trip around the globe. See the spectacular fireworks over the famed Sydney opera house from the harbor. Marvel at the majesty of the Great Wall of China. Stroll down the Champs-Elysées in the most elegant haute couture. Take part in the pomp and pageantry of a Bollywood musical while in Bombay. It’s a yearlong international sabbatical with the Simpsons you’ll never forget.


The Simpsons 2013 Laugh-A-Day Daily Desk Calendar

Rip, flip, and tear your way through a brand new year with The Simpsons Laugh-A-Day Daily Desk Calendar. Loaded with twisted TV trivia that will challenge your choice maker, bother your brain pan, and hurt your head bone, this year’s daily desk reference will fill you with giggles aplenty and help turn you into a Simpsons master.


Futurama 2013 Wall Calendar

Sultry, sexy, and scandalous do not begin to describe the surprises that await you in this year’s “Futurama” offering. There are pin-ups and peekaboos aplenty as the employees of Planet Express–yes, the entire staff (with a few ringers)–tantalize and titillate you with a companywide calendar that is out of this world.



It’s the Life in Hell 2013 12-Month Calendar

Experience another year of Life in Hell with pop culture pundit Matt Groening. Let Binky, Bongo, Akbar & Jeff guide you through perilous pitfalls and menacing missteps. Along the way you'll be enlightened by trivial but significant recommendations that will enrich your life!



…And if it turns out the world actually DOES end in 2012, these calendars will come in handy to chuck at the zombies as you make your escape across the post-apocalyptic landscape. 

You can thank us later!




For those of you who think you’re in the know but want to know more, come join us at the Bongo Comics panel at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday 7/12 from 11 AM-12 PM in Room 9. Creative director Nathan Kane, managing editor Terry Delegeane, art director Jason Ho, fan favorite/intern Louis Lane, and Simpsons/Futurama know-it-all Bill Morrison will fill you in on all the latest Bongo happenings. Then absorb everything that Chris Duffy, the Managing Editor of United Plankton Pictures, has to tell you about the future comic book exploits of SpongeBob SquarePants.


On Friday 7/13, meet the creative talents behind Bongo’s newest partnership at the Mylo Xyloto panel. What is Myloto Xyoloto, you ask? Well, it's the epic six-issue miniseries that tells the story behind the story of Coldplay’s newest album. Meet Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie) and his production team Alejandro Fuentes, Steve Hamaker, and Dylan Haggerty in Room 23ABC from 1-2 PM and prepare to experience the sights and sounds of Coldplay in a whole new way. Following the panel, join the team at an autograph session in the Sails Pavilion at AA02 from 2:30-3:30 PM.   


Finally, on Saturday 7/14 start off your panel-going day from 12-12:45 PM in Ballroom 20 at the “Futurama” panel. Join the cast and crew of the Emmy award-winning series for world premiere footage of the all-new season on Comedy Central. Plus: Wear your “Futurama”-themed costume for the chance to win slightly valuable prizes! Scheduled panelists include creator/executive producer Matt Groening, executive producer David X. Cohen, and stars Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, and Maurice LaMarche.


Then, stay put in Ballroom 20 from 12:45-1:30 PM for the “Simpsons” panel when moderator David Mirkin, creator Matt Groening, executive producer Al Jean, supervising producer Mike Anderson, and the voice of Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Smith, take a lengthy look at the upcoming “Treehouse of Horror,” a sneak (2D) peek at the Simpsons theatrical (3D) short “The Longest Daycare,” and much, much more (okay, 45 minutes' worth).


Then follow (at a safe, non-stalkery distance) the cast of “Futurama” down to the main floor where they will signing at the Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment booth (4313) from 1:30-2:15 PM. That autograph session will be followed by a “Simpsons” signing from 2:15-3:00 PM.


It's a pretty hectic schedule, but what the hey! It's Comic Con!


Mark your calendars! Here are the dates on which you can find the following issues in comic book stores. Newsstand editions are available about 3 weeks later.


SpongeBob #10 — July 11th

Simpsons Comics #192 — July 18th

Bart Simpson #73 — July 25th

Mark your calendars! Here are the dates on which you can find the following issues in comic book stores. Newsstand editions are generally available about 3 weeks later.


SpongeBob #9 — June 13th

Simpsons Comics #191 — June 20th

Bart Simpson #72 — June 27th

Super Spectacular #15 — June 27th


On Saturday, May 5th, comic stores will offer free comics to every man, woman, and child who couldn’t get tickets to a Saturday matinee of The Avengers and decided to go to a comic book store instead.


All kidding aside, Free Comic Book Day, now in its eleventh year, is a day dedicated to celebrating the joy of reading comics. Retailers, publishers, artists, and writers join together to introduce new readers to comics, to bring back former readers, and to show current readers their continued support by offering dozens of comics for FREE!


This year, Bongo Comics and United Plankton Pictures have teamed up to bring you a double-dipped flipbook of four-color comic free-ness with the 2012 Bongo Comics Free-For-All!/SpongeBob Comics Freestyle Funnies. This year’s issue starts off with a proud tale from the boasting barflies of Moe’s Tavern, as they recount their close encounter with marauding beasts as members of the Springfield Bear Patrol. Sergio Aragonés joins the fun with a story from his past of how he made his first peso as an underground and underage artist. Then, flip the book over for two of the swimmingest SpongeBob sagas from the series' hard-to-find earliest issues. In "Squidward and the Golden Clarinet," SpongeBob reads an issue of Mermaid Man to a less-than-welcoming Squidward. But this story has a musical hook even Squidward can’t resist. Plus: a page of gags that goes off the deep end by indie artiste James Kochalka.


Several of Bongo’s artists and writers will be appearing around the continent on Saturday, including:


Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer (Comic Book Jones in Staten Island, NY)

Nina Matsumoto (Metropolis Comics and Toys, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)

Andrew Pepoy (Third Coast Comics in Chicago, IL from 12-3 PM)

Scott Shaw! (Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood, CA starting at 10 AM)

Ty Templeton (The Comic Book Lounge in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from Noon- 7 PM; Ty will also host a live talk show “On the Couch” that evening at the same location from 7:30-11 PM ) Chris Yambar (Chautauqua Comics in Jamestown, NY)


To find a comic retailer near you that is participating in this year’s event, click here to check out the Free Comic Book Day locator site.

Advanced Micro Devices Presents the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards— The 23rd annual Eisner Awards, the "Oscars" of the comics industry, will be given out Friday at a gala ceremony at the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront. The master of ceremonies, Bongo Comics' Bill Morrison, will be hosting for his sixth year in a row. Segment hosts include writer/actors Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant (“Reno 911,” Balls of Fury, Night at the Museum) and comedian/voice actor Phil LaMarr (“Futurama,” “Family Guy,” “MadTV”). Presenters include CCI special guests Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan, Walt and Louise Simonson, and Filipino cartoonist (and viral video star) Gerry Alanguilan, as well as Eisner nominees Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez, and Ian Boothby, with many more to be announced. Other prestigious awards to be given out include the Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award, the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award, the Bill Finger Excellence in Comic Book Writing Award, and the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award. Admission to the Eisners is free to all Comic-Con attendees––just be sure to bring your badge. Doors open for pro and VIP seating at 7:30 and for attendees at 8:15.

(Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, 8:30-11:30)


Come and cheer on Bongo Comics, nominated for 3 Eisners this year, including: Best Short Story: “Bart on the Fourth of July,” by Peter Kuper, in Bart Simpson #54; Best Humor Publication: Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book by Ian Boothby, John Delaney, and Dan Davis; and Best Writer: Ian Boothby, Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book, Futurama Comics #47–50, Simpsons Comics #162, 168, and Simpsons Super Spectacular #11–12. Also nominated for Best Graphic Album–Reprint is Bongo’s masterpiece, The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis, by Matt Groening, Ian Boothby, James Lloyd, and Steve Steere Jr., published by Abrams Comicarts.


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