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In “Sandwich Panic”, Patrick and SpongeBob discover a hipster cafe with artisanal, locally-sourced sandwiches–that are more delicious than Krabby Patties! SpongeBob must stop this upstart eatery, even if it means teaming up with the nefarious Plankton! And in part 2 of “Lost Booty” freebooters Fanboy Beard and Deckhand Dottie continue their mad race to track down the lost SpongeBob comic by the Mad Pirate Pencils! All this plus “SpongeFunnies” by James Kochalka, facts about pirate pets, and more!

By Derek Drymon, David Lewman, Jerry Ordway, Scott Roberts


Pencils the Pirate–the buccaneer who draws all yer fav'rit SpongeBob funnies–has gone mad, and two pirate fans must track down the wayward artist to get their grimy paws on the latest comic starring their favorite sea sponge! It's a tale of treasure and betrayal with amazing art by Jerry Ordway (Superman, Avengers) and Dave DeGrand (MAD, Garfield). Also: SpongeBob terrifies Bikini Bottom with his remote-controlled Mermaid Man action figure, a snooty sponge visits from another dimension, and we all learn some freaky facts about the history of swimming!

By Derek Drymon, Jay Lender, Jacob Chabot, Vince Deporter


Nobody calls Sandy Cheeks a "tenderfoot"–but when the gauntlet is thrown by SpongeBob and Patrick, she's on a tear to prove she's the most rugged outdoors-squirrel in the seven seas! It's great fun until a certain underwater volcano catches her eye… Then, in "Plankton's Imagination," SpongeBob takes pity on that poor tiny terror Eugene Plankton and teaches him the joys of inspiration and creativity. But is that a good idea? Plus: fun facts about real plankton from Maris Wicks (Coral Reefs), SpongeFunnies by James Kochalka (Glorkian Warrior), and more!

By Joey Weiser, Gregg Schigiel, Carolyn Nowack


What's SpongeBob to do when a litter of six baby snails is left meowing and hungry on his pineapple's doorstep? And what's Gary to do when all of SpongeBob's time is taken up by the cuddly critters? Find out in “Litter Box Blues,” featuring the art of Ignatz Award nominee Carolyn Nowack (Lumberjanes). Plus, in “Who Is Mermaid Girl?” (Part 2 of 2), SpongeBob and Sandy are getting closer to the truth about Mermaid Girl's identity–and the final clue lies in a legendary lost episode of the “Mermaid Man” TV show! Also: SpongeBob goes virtual jellyfishing, holds a best-friend contest, and more!

By Gregg Schigiel, David Lewman, Vince DePorter


"Who Is Mermaid Girl?" Part 1 of 2. Sandy and SpongeBob set out to discover the identity of the mysterious Mermaid Girl–a plucky heroine who has aided Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy for years. But first they have to confront the deadly, non-dexterous Hammerhands Shark! Also, Mr. Krabs tricks Patrick and SpongeBob into cutting his mother's terrifying lawn in “Mama Trauma”. Plus:  Meet SpongeBob's new imaginary friend–courtesy of your real friend James Kochalka (Quit Your Job)–and check out Patrick's horrifying new look, as designed by David DeGrand (Garfield, Uncle Grampa).

By Jay Lender, David DeGrand, James Kochalka, Jacob Chabot, Hilary Barta


MARITIME MYTH ISSUE!  Squidward is determined to educate those morons SpongeBob and Patrick about the glories of classic myths and legends. What could go wrong? It's not like evil spirits in the Bikini Bottom Museum of (Not Actually) History could possess Patrick and make him take on qualities of destructive deities from world mythology--right? Read "Squidward's Mythological Madness" to find out how non-rhetorical that question is! Also: see SpongeBob take in an exile from King Neptune's court! Learn about sea monsters of fact AND fable! And thrill to a battle of the beards as King Neptune takes on the Flying Dutchman! All wrapped up in a cover by George O'Connor, cartoonist of the Olympians series

By Vince Deporter, Graham Annable, Bob Flynn, Jim Campbell


Mr. Krabs brings submerged supernatural doom down upon the Krusty Krab when he tries to squeeze extra pennies out of a seemingly poor old harmless SEA WITCH! But why does her terrible spell affect everyone but Patrick? Find out in "The Krusty Curse!" Then, in "The House on Jellyfish Fields," cartoonist Graham Annable (Grickle, Box Trolls, Coraline) writes and draws an eerie wordless tale of SpongeBob on the run from the spooky denizens of a mysterious mansion. Plus: a double page cutaway view of a very haunted (and very familiar) pineapple house by Bob Flynn (Bravest Warriors) and Jim Campbell (Over the Garden Wall). All this plus a feature on "real" ghost ships from folklore and “SpongeFunnies” by James Kochalka!

By Chuck Dixon, Scott Roberts, David Lewman, Jacob Chabot, Vince Deporter


During a quiet shift at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob serves a perfect Krabby Patty to super-famous action movie star Randy Albacore--but no one will believe SpongeBob's tale of his brush with fame! Branded a liar, is there anything SpongeBob can do to rescue his reputation…and to keep his square pants from catching fire? Then Sandy has to prepare her dome for the imminent arrival of her fussy Aunt Hazel from Texas…but a broken diving suit, an angry mob, along with the "helpful" SpongeBob and Patrick, mean that Sandy will have to do some quick inventing to save the day! Also: bank robbery in Bikini Bottom, a substitute Boating School teacher, and the legend of giant fry cook Paul Spatula!

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