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By Max Davison, Nathan Kane, John Zakour, John Delaney, Nina Matsumoto


When Professor Frink’s experiments give rise to a group of highly-intelligent chimpanzees, Bart and Milhouse find their treehouse overrun by the educated primates. Once their battle plan to take it back is drawn up from beneath the branches of their beloved hideout, Bart and his buddy must prepare for a final showdown that will either lead to conquest or require escape from the Treehouse of the Apes. Then, Bart and Milhouse seek out their own superheroic origin stories by attempting to acquire “accidental” superpowers. However, they soon discover that with trying to obtain great power comes great irresponsibility. Finally, Ralph Wiggum takes his place in right field during a baseball game and discovers a world of adventure.

Few men have reached the very pinnacle of apathy quite like Homer Simpson. His epic inertia is an example to us all. Now, for the first time, Homer reveals the secrets behind his extraordinary ability to get absolutely nothing done. From tips on how to avoid working at work to Homer’s suitably slapdash design for his “Lazy House of the Future,” this ode to the joys of sloth shows a true American idle at his lazy best.


Packed with inserts and special features, such as an eight-page pullout Sloth Man comic and a foldout “Anatomy of a Layabout” feature, focusing on fellow lazybones Barney Gumble, Homer Simpson’s Little Book of Laziness is absolutely bursting with idleness.


Homer Simpson’s Little Book of Laziness is the first title in the Vault of Simpsonology, an exciting new twelve-book series that delves into the zany worldview of Simpsons favorites such as Homer, Bart, and Lisa.


On Sale Now online or at a bookstore near you!


By Ian Boothby, Doug Moench, Len Wein, Dan Brereton


After being sentenced to serve detention in the old library in the subterranean bowels of Springfield Elementary, Bart discovers The Book of the Dead and accidentally unleashes Cthulhu on an unsuspecting Springfield. Then, Lunchlady Doris is finally fired for serving subhuman-grade cuisine and is replaced by the best the school food service industry has to offer. Soon the students are healthier and smarter than ever before, which can only lead to one thing…world domination! (And you thought we meant better state test scores.)

By Chuck Dixon, Rex Lindsey


Waylon Smithers, Mr. Burns’ long-suffering, lovestruck sycophant, is about to turn the tables on his longtime companion and employer with  a brand-new take charge attitude. Oh, did we forget to mention…he gets struck by lightning?

By Groening


While participating in a reality TV show, Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders trade places, houses, and just about everything else, and the funny thing is…they kind of like it. Meanwhile, Lisa attends a smart kid summer camp and finds herself caught up in an act of international espionage. Then Bartman’s superhero sidekick, Houseboy, takes on superpowers with a push of a button on a cellphone developed by Professor Frink…that is, until he dials a wrong number and becomes a very, bad boy indeed!

By Sergio Aragones, Tony DiGerolamo, Shane Houghton, Jason Ho, Phil Ortiz


Critics herald El Barto as the breakout artist of his generation…but when someone steps forward to take the credit, the real El Barto has something to “spray” about it. Then Maggie leads a crew of marauding buccaneers on a merry chase on the high seas, and the last beer in the house keeps slipping away from Angry Dad.

By Barr, Ortiz, DeCarlo


When Ned Flanders’ beatnik parents arrive for an unexpected visit, he and Homer buddy up and discover they have more in common than they ever thought. Prepare yourself for the granddaddy of all “daddy issues” issues!

By Boothby, Costanza, Novin

When Bart creates a successful humor magazine for his classmates, Krusty the Clown co-opts the idea, turning it into a satirical monthly serial of his own and hiring Bart as the head writer. It’s just a matter of time before Krusty finds the perfect cover spokesman for the new periodical, and “D’oh!” Magazine is born! Subscribe to this fancy flipbook issue, featuring a “zine within a zine” edition of “D’oh!”

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