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By Groening


While participating in a reality TV show, Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders trade places, houses, and just about everything else, and the funny thing is…they kind of like it. Meanwhile, Lisa attends a smart kid summer camp and finds herself caught up in an act of international espionage. Then Bartman’s superhero sidekick, Houseboy, takes on superpowers with a push of a button on a cellphone developed by Professor Frink…that is, until he dials a wrong number and becomes a very, bad boy indeed!

By Sergio Aragones, Tony DiGerolamo, Shane Houghton, Jason Ho, Phil Ortiz


Critics herald El Barto as the breakout artist of his generation…but when someone steps forward to take the credit, the real El Barto has something to “spray” about it. Then Maggie leads a crew of marauding buccaneers on a merry chase on the high seas, and the last beer in the house keeps slipping away from Angry Dad.

By Barr, Ortiz, DeCarlo


When Ned Flanders’ beatnik parents arrive for an unexpected visit, he and Homer buddy up and discover they have more in common than they ever thought. Prepare yourself for the granddaddy of all “daddy issues” issues!

By Boothby, Costanza, Novin

When Bart creates a successful humor magazine for his classmates, Krusty the Clown co-opts the idea, turning it into a satirical monthly serial of his own and hiring Bart as the head writer. It’s just a matter of time before Krusty finds the perfect cover spokesman for the new periodical, and “D’oh!” Magazine is born! Subscribe to this fancy flipbook issue, featuring a “zine within a zine” edition of “D’oh!”

By Brill, DiGerolamo, Lindsey, Reed, DeCarlo, Rote 


Martin Prince decides to make a move up the Springfield Elementary food chain by auditioning for the role of Bart’s second banana. Then, Homer and Bart pull an all-nighter and put themselves on high alert to prevent a potential home invasion. And Marge takes Maggie to get her picture taken by Springfield’s preeminent photographer, who has a penchant for premonitions.


By Carol Lay


Marge hosts a dinner party with murder on the menu. That is, she’s hosting a murder mystery dinner party…but one of her guests may very well have murder on his or her mind! Well…she didn’t necessarily invite the would-be murderer to the party, that might make her an accessory to the crime…but you get the picture!


By Barr, Kaplan, Lay, Delaney, Rodriguez, Pepoy


Who is Bartman? Join us and find out who the students of Springfield Elementary think he really is? Then, Rod and Todd Flanders get separated from Ned Flanders in downtown Springfield and find themselves on an odyssey to their home, fraught with many dangers (mostly imagined). And Marge’s breakfast pancakes lead Maggie leadon an adventure of her own.

By Boothby, Dorkin, Rankine, Aragones, DiGerolamo

Cover by Bill Morrison


Bongo celebrates its 20th year and landmark 200th issue of Simpsons Comics with an extra-special, supersized story about (what else?) the bicentennial celebration of the history of Springfield. Witness the heretofore untold and influential past of the town that’s affectionately become known as “America’s crudbucket,” and find out from tales of its fantastic forefathers to its civil war to its fight for civil rights why the worst city in the country is also its funniest! And, as they say...much, much more! 

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