Simpsons Comics #39

Simpsons Comics #



Torn from the pages of last year's headlines--a tragic tale of our dangerously dicey democracy cacophonously crashing towards the scarifying spectre of CENSORSHIP! It begins with the innocent, ignorant purchase of a comic book so horrifyingly offensive that it could chill the heart of a futuristic emotionless robot designed merely to wax bowling lanes! It continues with the  inconceivable incarceration and pitiless prosecution of the Comic Book Guy and Homer J. Simpson! It ends--no, we shan't tell you how it ends--for a mere solicitation cannot possibly give an accurate description of the shocking sequence of events contained in a story we're planning on calling...The People V. Homer J. Simpson and the Comic Book Guy.

and don't miss the furious fourth installment of Radioactive Man--the cataclysmic, concussion-causing conclusion will shock you!




by Gimple, Ortiz, Bavington


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