Bongo Beat-January 2013

Bongo Beat-January 2013

Posted on 01-18-2013

(originally published in Simpsons Comics #198)


Hey there, keepers of the Bongo flame! Welcome to the first Bongo Beat of 2013. I guess those Mayans were wrong and the world didn’t end in 2012 after all. Of course, it’s still December 2012 as I write this and you may be reading it as you traverse a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with mutants, hell hounds, zombies, and even zombie mutant hell hounds. If that’s the case, find an abandoned car and hunker down for the night while I fill you in on all that Bongo has in store for you this year!


2013 is special because it marks Bongo’s twentieth year as a comic publisher. Even a professional prognosticator couldn’t foresee the ragtag company that produced Simpsons Comics and Stories way back in 1993 blossoming into the jaunty juggernaut it is today. We’re taking advantage of this milestone to bring you some new and exciting books while still delivering all the Simpsons and Futurama madness you crave!


In fact, Simpsons Comics #200 hits stores in March. Twenty years in the making, this comic celebration of television’s favorite family features a wraparound cover by one of Bongo’s founding fathers, bombastic Bill Morrison. All kinds of Bongo contributors both old and new will be plying their trade in this fantastic 48-page funfest. Who knows…Matt Groening may even make an appearance! Don’t miss it!


We’re proud to be the publisher for Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto comic. Sprung from the mind of Coldplay and Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda, MORE, The Little Prince), Mylo Xyloto is a 6-issue mini-series based on Coldplay’s concept album of the same name. The adventure begins this February!


Sergio Aragonés Funnies returns! After a brief hiatus, our favorite MADman picks up right where he left off. Issue 8 will be available later in the year, and subsequent issues will follow on a bi-monthly basis. Get ready for more heartfelt stories, gut-busting jokes, and eye-popping artwork delivered as only Señor Sergio can!


The Bongo digital department continues to thrive with new and classic comics being released every week on the Simpsons App and at comiXology. Plus, our blog and facebook pages are delivering more behind-the-scenes factoids and fun than ever before. Check them out! 


Bongo’s come a long way since we had our mini spit and polish a mere 12 months ago. Since then, we’ve published a whopping 45 comics along with a plethora of calendars, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, and international editions. Phew! 2012 was Bongo’s most prolific year to date! Of course, you’ve all helped by sending letters, suggestions, critiques, and artwork submissions. Keep ’em coming! Creating comics can be a little like working in a vacuum, so we love to hear from the Bongo faithful.


There’s so much more to talk about, but…argh!...I’m running out of room! Let me just throw these out there... One-Shot Wonders! Free Comic Book Day! SpongeBob Comics! Bongo Bonus Stamp Loyalty Program! Contests! Surprises! The mind boggles!


As you can see, Bongo’s 20th year is going to be a banner one. Let’s hope it embiggens us all!


As long as the zombies don’t get us.