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by Sergio Aragonés


Ever wonder where the terms “son of a gun,” “face the music,” and “the whole nine yards” came from? This month, Sergio explores the historical origins of those commonly used phrases and more. Then a struggling inventor yearns for three wishes that will bring him success. And then Sergio recounts his childhood memories as a WWII refugee aboard a ship bound for Mexico, where he first came face to face with a sea serpent; plus, a plethora of Sergio’s pleasing puzzles and pantomimes.

SpongeBob Comics #24, still in stores, features a painted tale by the funny and talented Israel Sanchez (Flight). Look for more from this guy in future issues.

By Jacob Chabot, David DeGrand, Vince Deporter, James Kochalka, David McGuire, Nate Neal, Travis Nichols, Israel Sanchez, Gregg Schigiel, and Joey Weiser.

Cover by Jacob Chabot with color by Rick Neilsen.


Meet Jay Lee Huntar--jellyfish hunter extraordinaire and wearer of pith helmets! In "The Jellyfishing Master," Patrick and SpongeBob can only watch in horror as this interloper's traps capture the entire jelly population of Jellyfish Fields. Who or what can save the jellies…and SpongeBob's favorite sport? Then in "The Critic," a restaurant reviewer's visit to the Krusty Krab forces SpongeBob to pull out all the stops, kick out the jams, AND go the whole nine yards to make the most amazing Krabby Patties ever. But what can even SpongeBob do when ingredients run out? Also in this issue: SpongeBob runs a race, Patrick grows a mustache, and Sandy learns a thing or two about playing cards with idiots! All this and a beach scene pin-up of Goo Lagoon in the full swing of summer!


By Matt Groening


Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium is a brand-new series of oversized collections featuring the very best Simpsons comics and stories gathered in one great big grab bag of fun. Spend a blue ribbon day with the Simpsons at the Springfield Fair; beat the summer heat with Homer Simpson; travel to a parallel dimension for an extraordinary Bartman, Stretch Dude and Cupcake Kid super team-up; enter the slightly skewed mind of Ralph Wiggum; and even venture into the future where the Simpson family might very well be responsible for saving (or destroying) the world! All that and much more await you…and it all begins with Volume One!

By Coldplay, Osborne, Haggerty, Fuentes, Hamaker


With Major Minus victoriously in command and his mind-crippling Hypnoflow device switched on, the Sparker revolution is in grave danger of dissolving into nothingness––unless, that is, an unlikely hero makes a drastic choice to end the misery and suffering that is upon them all. The great history of the Xylobrites and the extraordinary power that lies within its citizenry will not die easily in this thrilling conclusion to Coldplay’s polychromatic comic opera Mylo Xyloto!

By Stephen DeStefano, Shane Houghton, David Lewman, Gregg Schigiel, and Joey Weiser


When SpongeBob and Patrick use a new bubble formula, they find it can do almost anything–including create exact living duplicates of themselves! Evil twins have never been so transparent or so menacing as they are in "Bubble Double Trouble"! Then, in "See? Dragon!" SpongeBob is convinced he's found a dragon's tooth, but Squidward and Mr. Krabs think he's just finally lost his grip. Does Old Man Jenkins hold the secret to what the tooth REALLY is? Well, yes and no. You'll see. Also in this issue: a gorgeous Bikini Bottom camping poster by Bob Flynn (Bravest Warriors), SpongeBob's amazing new facial hair, facts about coral reefs, and much more!

By Boothby, Kane, Simone


Because he demanded it, Bongo Comics offers up a Simpsons One-Shot Wonder for the aged…er, we mean…the ages. A senior citizen centenarian spectacular. Mr. Burns, the megalomaniacal scourge of Springfield, grants you permission to enter the billionaire boy’s club with a miserly masterpiece of penny-pinching proportions. It’s the humor comic of the year for the young at heartless.

By Alcaraz, Houghton, Matsumoto


Homer and Bart come up with a plan to ease the summer heat wave sweeping through Springfield with their own mobile car pool. Then, Bart’s attempt to purloin some candy from a birthday party piñata goes awry, and after a whack in the cabeza he ends up speaking nothing but Español. Ay caramba, indeed!

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