Simpsons Comics #30

Simpsons Comics #


He's tried unsuccessfully to steal candy from a baby.  He's blocked out the sun in an attempt to increase revenues for his power plant.  He's even made footwear out of endangered species.  But now, Montgomery Burns has gone too far!  He's fired every one of his employees as has replaced them with clones of Waylon Smithers!  Yet, it isn't long before these Smitherses are at each others throats, throwing the plant into chaos as each vies to be the object of Burns' affections!  Can the one, true Smithers save the plant before it's torn apart by his neatly dressed, gene-spliced brethren?  Not without the help of Homer, Carl, and Lenny!  Get ready for a mission of mercy into a den of deranged duplicates!


by Walton, Otriz, Bavington, Studney, Lincoln, Gladden, Morrison, Harkins

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